Andy Warhol’s “Double Elvis”

Warhol - Elvis

The King stands proudly, feet apart, pistol cocked, those baby blues looking straight at the viewer, his infamous hips seem to move back and forth. Taking a publicity still from the Western flaming star, Warhol created larger than life Elvis’s on a massive silver canvas. The singer plays a cowboy, the ideal of American masculinity mythologized by the movies. The slicked hair, made up face, and the perfectly tailored costume remind us that this is a performance, an illusion. Warhol has captured Elvis on his own silver screen in an act of both parody and homage. In America where the Movie is the new religion and superstars reign, Warhol’s Elvis is glistening and god-like.

Source: Christie’s Article

Wyeth to Warhol: Modern Masters from Past and Present



Somerville Manning Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition Wyeth to Warhol: Modern Masters From Past and Present from April 27 – June 2, 2018.

For over thirty-five years, Somerville Manning Gallery has specialized in paintings by the Wyeth family. The Wyeth to Warhol exhibition juxtaposes the artworks of N.C., Andrew, and Jamie Wyeth with the artists of their respective eras, including current. This exhibition showcases some of the most celebrated artists of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Along with paintings by N.C. Wyeth will be works by American impressionists, Maurice Prendergast and Childe Hassam. A highlight of the exhibition is a stunning portrait by renowned painter, William Merrit Chase. Acclaimed Pennsylvania artists, Edward Redfield and Hugh H. Breckenridge will also be on view along side brightly colored florals and figures by early 20th century Jane Peterson.

Modernists Arthur Dove and Milton Avery hang with Andrew Wyeth showing their similarities as their subject matters may seem unremarkable, but the matter in which these artists treat them is exceptional. Abstract paintings by Hans Hofmann and Robert Motherwell will coincide with the Post-War period in which Andrew Wyeth was exploring realism.

Works by David Hockney, Wolf Kahn, Jamie Wyeth and Andy Warhol will round out the 20th century and extend the timeline into the 21st century. Not many contemporary artists can brandish the title of “Modern Master,” however contemporary artists like Bo Bartlett and Robert Cottingham explore the idea that masterful work is still being created today. The exhibition includes other works from many important American schools and traditions that run the gambit from realism to abstraction.


Somerville Manning Gallery

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